Giving sorting advice

We know that placing the right sorting advice indicator on your package can be a challenge. The advice per country or even per city is often different. EcoScan has a hasstle-free solution and will handle it all for you! This way you can focus on what is important for you: your core business.

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Extended producer responsibility

Take your producer responsibility by helping your customers on how to sort the packaging based on their location.

  • Give your customers location-based sorting advice
  • Increase your sustainable story
  • Make a positive contribution to the environmental problem

With over 100,000 barcode scans, we know this is the best way to properly sort waste.

Rick Buiten

Benefits EcoScan QR code

  • No app install required
  • Increase loyalty
  • Provide more information about the packaging and your sustainable story

Three reasons to try EcoScan



Customers can get their sorting advice easy and quick with EcoScan.


We will help you

We create the best customer experience and loyalty for your Brand. We customize and personalize it all for you.


More insights

We can give you a lot of useful insights on your scanned products. Data is key!

Where, When, Who…

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