EcoScan: almost 100,000 advice given in 2021

ENKHUIZEN – The EcoScan was consulted almost 100,000 times in 2021. The most frequently asked question is about the plastic bag with aluminum foil. Due to the layer of foil

Separation at the source or post-separation?

Source separation or subsequent separation, it is a frequently asked question. One municipality collects the waste separately, the other municipality throws everything in one heap, after which the waste is

EcoScan wins CorporateLiveWire Award for Most Innovative in Recycling Technology

The EcoScan app has been chosen by CorporateLiveWire as the best innovation in the recycling industry, according to the Awards edition of the British business magazine. The jury: “EcoScan provides

What belongs where? EcoScan throws supermarket offers in the right bin

ENKHUIZEN – In thousands, the supermarket offers flies over the counter every week. These products alone generate a large amount of waste. The Ecoscan, the app which helps you to

Waste separation just got easier with the EcoScan app

ENKHUIZEN – EcoScan, the app for waste separation, makes it easy for people to make their contribution to a better environment. Take a photo with the app and the app

EcoScan: more than 10,000 advice on waste separation in six months

ENKHUIZEN – The Ecoscan, the app about waste separation, has been consulted more than 10,000 times since it was launched in May 2018. The most frequently asked question is about

EcoScan matches waste with correct trash can

Waste separation easier and more sustainable thanks to Recycle functionality ENKHUIZEN – In which trash can I throw this piece of waste? It is the most frequently asked question for