Do you want to help your residents to sort their waste? Then promote the EcoScan for them! EcoScan is the app that understands that residents don’t want to waste time figuring out which waste belongs in which bin. It belongs in a container, but they don’t care which one.
Figuring out is complicated until they use the EcoScan. Just scan the barcode or make a photo and they quickly see the correct container.

With the EcoScan you make it possible to help your residents to properly sort their waste. It’s also possible to promote local businesses by adding those to the EcoScan algorithm.

Pay as it grows

Our pricing model will scale with your user base. But then your residents will also sort their waste better.

  • Image recognition
  • Barcode recognition
  • Set sorting type
  • Top 10 products
  • All features of Scan
  • Add local businesses
  • Custom styling
  • All feature of Local
  • Custom sorting rules
  • Analysis data
  • Calculate CO2-emissions