EcoScan wins CorporateLiveWire Award for Most Innovative in Recycling Technology


The EcoScan app has been chosen by CorporateLiveWire as the best innovation in the recycling industry, according to the Awards edition of the British business magazine. The jury: “EcoScan provides a quick and easy tool to improve the recycling process and eliminate harmful contamination caused by incorrect waste disposal.”

With climate change high on the global agenda, the individual actions we can take to protect the planet are of the utmost importance at this time, according to the jury. Recycling waste is one of those actions.

Judge Andrew Wals writes that he is very impressed with how such a simple tool can make such a huge difference. “Throwing the waste in the wrong bin can be very detrimental to the recycling process. Too much non-recyclable waste in the sorting process can make recycling more difficult or even impossible, so that more waste cannot be recycled. Thanks to the EcoScan app, this problem can be solved quickly and easily with the simple click of a button. ”

The Awards edition of the British business magazine CorporateLiveWire, which highlights the very best examples of innovation, was released on July 21. In total there were 23,182 entries from 32 countries around the world. The Ecoscan is on page 211.