We have the following recommendations:

Good recognition

Make sure that the waste can be placed within the lines. For small objects it is therefore wise to take a closer picture.

Worse recognition

Worse If there are several objects in the photo (or too close / far away) it becomes difficult to properly recognize the waste.

Recycle the waste

Recycle the waste and help improve the environment!

What is EcoScan?

The EcoScan app is your help with waste sorting!

Waste separation guide

EcoScan is your help with waste sorting!

Image recognition

Simply take a photo and immediately see in which waste container the waste belongs.

Barcode recognition

With almost a million barcodes, you know even faster in which container the waste belongs.


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EcoScan is available in the Apple App store.

Free to download

EcoScan is available for free!


EcoScan is very simple. Take a photo of the product or scan the barcode and you will immediately receive the right advice.


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